About Musholm

We have room for differences at Musholm. Our goal is, therefore, to include everybody regardless of age and physical abilities. At Musholm, all should feel a sense of freedom, and we are proud to be awarded the world’s most accessible holiday, sport and conference centre in 2016.

We have challenged the standards for accessible buildings incorporating accessibility from the outset, so it is felt but not seen. Accessibility is, thereby, only a help for those who need it and not a disturbing element for others.

Accessibility in many ways

Our accessible design is expressed in many ways. First and foremost, Musholm has only one floor, whereby stairs can be avoided. The door frames are wide, all kitchens and bathrooms are accessible, and the paths outside are even. One of the paths leads to the beach and the accessible pier which is open during the summer.

Musholm’s accessibility is not limited to the physical setting. We make a great effort to offer activities for everybody in order to ensure that nobody feels left out. It does not mean that everybody can participate in everything, but that Musholm has different activities to meet everybody’s needs.