Sport & Adventure

We offer both indoor and outdoor sports and activities at Musholm, so you will never be bored regardless of season and weather. We are experts in creating activities that everybody can participate in, also children.

Award-winning multi-purpose hall

We guarantee many hours of fun and sport in our multi-purpose hall. It will get your pulse up, put a smile on your face and perhaps even result in new acquaintances for both children and adults. While a few activities require an instructor, you can do most of them on your own.

  • Our activities include:
  • Climbing wall
  • Indoor aerial cableway
  • Electric hockey in fast custom-built electrical chairs
  • Jump from 2.5 meters height
  • Ball game, gymnastics, dance and games

The multi-purpose hall is available every day unless we have other events. We have ‘Open Hall’ every Saturday and ‘Active Sunday’ on select Sundays. Here, instructors will be ready to assist at the aerial cableway and the climbing wall. Read more about the events here.

Contact us for more details about activities, prices and booking

Activities in the open

When you stay at Musholm, nature is your neighbour. It is possible to have both an active outdoor life and some peaceful moments. Just be prepared for some fresh air, rosy cheeks and beautiful nature.

Our outdoor activities include:

  • Lavuu (Serbian tipi)
  • Krolf (game mixing the rules from golf and croquet)
  • Petanque
  • Hiker tracks in the beautiful moraine landscape
  • 200 meter to the beach with changing rooms and pier (during the summer)

You are always welcome to contact our instructors or the reception if you need some good ideas or inspiration for new adventures or fun activities.