Need an active and fun input on the agenda? A more united team, an ice breaker or just a break from the meeting room?

We offer different activities irrespective of age and physical ability. Experienced instructors will help you to optimize the learning process and get most out of the day. We have already prepared some standard activity programmes, but we are also ready to customise a programme according to exactly your needs.

Electric hockey

It is fast. It is wild. It is fun. You will without a doubt smile, laugh and have fun when playing electric hockey. You sit in a custom built electric chair controlled with a joystick. A hockey stick is mounted in the front of the chair, and then you compete against each other.

Bingo games

A different, fun and challenging game where the team spirit will be strengthened. Everybody will be challenged in the different activities – and you will without a doubt accomplish a task you never thought would be possible.

Educative lectures

We have a network of interesting lecturers whom we can book for you. The lecture can be about sport activities, healthy diet, empowerment, volunteering and so forth. It is up to you.

Delta Fun and Outdoor Sports

We can book our external partners who are ready to spice your meeting or conference up with interesting and fun activities, including bumper balls, archery, bungee run and GPS orienteering race.

A guided tour of the award-winning architecture

If you want to know more about what our profit and, thereby, your contribution go to, you can get a guided tour of Musholm. Musholm has won many architecture and sport awards for its unique design and accessibility felt but not seen by the guests.

If you want to learn more about the many opportunities, please read under Sport and Adventure.


Need a break?

You can also get some fresh air while exploring our many facilities and scenic location at the seaside. If you have time, we recommend a short walk in the area or down to the beach where the view across the Great Belt invites to immersion and thoughtfulness.